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Our belief is that you have the ability to heal yourself, when given the knowledge, tools, love and encouragement to return the body to its natural state. Our goal is to empower YOU to restore your body’s function with evidence-based protocols that have been used for the last 16 years, by thousands of doctors around the U.S, who have helped thousands of patients reverse disease with >85% effectiveness.

Our services aims to help you to optimize the body’s function, so it can do what it is supposed to do; which is to keep you healthy, happy and free of disease by optimizing five key areas 1) hormones 2) nutrients 3) detoxification 4) heart/mind balance and 5) body balance, also known as the 5-point Model System, developed by Medical Director, Dr. Sangeeta Pati.

We aim for “Optimal” levels as opposed to “Normal” since often labs (like thyroid, Vitamin D) may come back in the “normal” range and yet not be optimal for you.

The programs aim to put you in the driver’s seat for your own health through providing awareness, inspiration and specific protocols that work to optimize each of the 5 areas.

If you are ready to address causal factors for long-term regeneration, try out the suggestions to optimize the 5 areas over 90 days.


Sangeeta Pati MD, FACOG, ABOIM

President and Medical Director

5 Areas To Restore Prime Health

5 Areas To Restore Prime Health

Natural Hormones

Optimize Thyroid, Progesterone, Testosterone, Estrogen, DHEA, Pregnenolone and Melatonin to >75th percentile.



Optimize Minerals, Vitamins and Antioxidant function to >75th percentile.



Optimize detoxification of gut, liver, lymphatics, kidney and skin by correcting pH, water, plastics, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Cell Phones, Wifi, EMR and Teeth Infections.



Reduce Conscious Stressors & Transform Subconscious Stressors.



Optimize cellular oxygenation and eliminate pain.


Bioidentical Hormones

With age comes the decline of hormone production by the organs...

BioTE Pellet Therapy

BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy has emerged as the best...

Integrative Holistic Health

The Integrative Holistic Health Program at SaJune is our most powerful...

HCG Weight Loss

Our weight loss programs use scientifically proven diet and exercise...

Integrative Immune Support

Scientific data from the last 5 decades shows that cancer stem cells...


Herbal medicine has been around since the beginning...

IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a process of giving customized nutrients...


Acupuncture is powerful medicine which aids in strengthenin...

EMF/EMR Protection

Cell phones, cordless phones, GPS, all wireless devices, appliances...



My energy levels have increased and I am a much more positive and relaxed person.


I love how energetic I feel afterwards.!


I am healthier than I ever have been in this cancer destroying mission.


They came up with a plan that WORKS They are the body whisperers.


We’ve got our lives back.

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