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Benefits of Hiring a certified regenerative health coach

By Bridgette Ruge Barlow, MA, CPT, RHC

What it is, what it isn’t, and What You’ll Gain from an Integrative Holistic Health Coaching Program at SaJune

Before I launch into the “whys,” let me start off by first discussing what a Regenerative Health Coach (RHC) is! You may guess by the title that this is a person whose job is to help you to REGENERATE! The definition of the term “regenerate” is to regrow or to become reformed or reborn. Some people view regeneration as an ability to return to youth or restore what has been lost. Speaking of the word RESTORE, you may be aware that the full name of our clinic is SaJune Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine. This name accurately describes what we do best – RESTORE and REGENERATE!

Did you know that SaJune offers “regenerative health coaching” to help you do just that! In fact, the results of all of our patients drastically improve when they enter into a 90 day coaching program after beginning a hormone and supplement regimen at our clinic.

At SaJune, we take a different approach to health coaching and total body wellness.  Our program encompasses the entire 5 point model system – an approach completely unique to SaJune’s health coaches. Through this model, we have been able to RESTORE and REGENERATE patients back to feeling their very best by addressing 5 main areas. These areas are the same no matter who you are and include hormones, nutrition, body, mind/heart, and toxins. These key areas are the foundation of “wellness” defined as “the state of being in good health.” Wellness will in-turn enhance “well-being” – the state of being comfortable, healthy, and/or happy.  When we are healthy AND happy, our body and mind can live an exceptionally long time!

Hiring a health coach is like a personal trainer for your well-being!

Who could benefit from a Regenerative Health Coach (RHC)?

The answer really is EVERYONE. In fact, even health coaches need health coaches! The reason for this is that most of you have some idea of what you SHOULD be doing to be healthy. However, even having the tools and knowledge, why are you still not implementing them? For example, why are you still fighting with your weight despite knowing the right choices to make? Why are you still feeling bogged down with stress even though you have all the meditation apps on your phone? These are just examples, but the answer is that maybe you just don’t have a partner in your quest– someone in your corner cheering you on and helping you be in the driver’s seat of your health by providing you with more tools to actually be able to achieve the things you know you should be doing. This is one of the main reasons that hiring a health coach increases results and success.  

How SaJune RHC’s are different!

Through our Integrative Holistic Health Coaching program, you may re-learn some things you thought you knew – but have been doing all wrong. I’m here to tell you, that’s not your fault! Our health and wellness information in the United States is heavily swayed by money and large corporations who do not always have our best health and interest at heart. In fact, much of the misinformation that is disguised as health information can have other motives—such as making you addicted to certain foods, buying more products and foods, eating at restaurants, and taking more medications. It can be said that our US systems focus more on “sick care” than “health care.” Our program recommendations are based on more than 15 years of research and practice by Dr. Sangeeta Pati and have been used by thousands of patients with great results. We focus on what we identify as true “health care” and not just managing illness.

Some of the common health beliefs that are actually not rooted in fact include:

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • You should eat 6 times per day to keep your metabolism going
  • If you are not losing weight, you should be exercising more and eating less (oh wait, you’re doing that and it’s not working?)
  • Eggs will make you have high cholesterol
  • Bananas make you fat
  • Adrenal Fatigue isn’t real
  • If you’re overweight, it’s because you are eating too much
  • Milk builds strong bones

… the list goes on…  

Hiring a coach is hiring someone to help you weed through the wealth of information and misinformation and make informed and evidence-based recommendations that consider all aspects of your health, life, and goals. As a SaJune RHC, I have the added benefit of being able to see your labs and work directly with your provider to decide the best lifestyle recommendations for you.  I would be doing you a dis-service to simply put everyone on the same diet because it works for “most” people. Everyone is different and the protocol that is right for you may not be the same for someone else.

Putting you in the driver’s seat of your health

The most important thing to know is that your coach is your non-judgmental friend. An RHC will meet you where you are at and then help you gain knowledge and choose what is right for you in your path to wellness. This is YOUR program and you decide the pace and what you ultimately want to achieve.

Your RHC will look at your total lifestyle and aim to understand where you could make improvements that will impact your overall health. Sometimes when you have been living a certain way for so long, you may have a hard time understanding what changes you need to make or how to make them. Your RHC will help you identify these areas.

I will always congratulate you for the things you have done well, even if you feel like you’ve had a “bad week.” It’s all a part of the process and there is always something to be proud of.

What it isn’t…

Coaching programs are not a magic pill, but they WILL help you get deep with your lifestyle and self-awareness to achieve real and long-lasting success and health, if you put the work in. Quick fixes, sales tactics, and gimmicky products are just not our thing, so you won’t find those here! Every single product we recommend to you is because we have tested it, used it ourselves, believe in it, and honestly believe it will help you. If you can’t tell from this article, I have a passion for helping people! I’m here to be your friend on the other end of the line, helping you in every way I know how.  Please know that it’s ok to ask for help sometimes and you don’t always have to do everything on you own.

If you’re considering beginning an Integrative Holistic Health Coaching Program at SaJune, all I ask in order to begin is that you start by carving out 30-90 minutes of your time each day to dedicate to your health routine. This alone is a great start and will allow you to have the time to put the necessary work into your program.

How to begin Your Integrative Holistic Health Coaching Program with your very own Regenerative Health Coach

Schedule your appointment with Bridgette Ruge Barlow by calling 407-478-9797 or send an appointment request to  https://sajune.com/book-now/

Once received, our staff will be in touch to book your consult !

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