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Fatigue and What to do?

Use our proven Vibrant Energy protocols to correct the causes!

If you have lower energy than you once did, your body is saying, “Hey! Something is out of Balance!” All disease eventually presents with low energy, making this an area to address aggressively by correcting underlying causes. Predisposing factors may include years of chronic stress, poor nutrition, poor absorption of nutrients, low oxygen to the organs, dehydration and toxic loads. These disturbed patterns in the nervous system drain the “fuel tank” of nutrients and hormones (especially thyroid hormones and cortisol) and affect the body’s Heart Rate Variability, a measurement of nervous system activity and physical stress or anxiety.

This consult aims to identify the underlying causes for your fatigue, correct them, and restore your vibrant energy using the 5-point Model System to :

- Help you implement effective protocols for Vibrant Energy

- Provide advanced energy protocols for those who need it

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