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How This Natural Hormone Releases Stored Fat Fast!

Bridgette Ruge Barlow M.A., RHC, CPT

In the 1950’s Dr. Simeons, an endocrinologist, was using HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, to treat low testosterone in boys. Through these treatments, he noticed that these overweight boys were also losing more body fat than expected with a calorie-controlled diet. He then began to study HCG for weight loss for 10 years before publishing his book and diet protocol for weight loss. This was the birth of a protocol that has withstood the test of time as medical practitioners everywhere have continued to use this protocol over the last 70 years!

What is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is the hormone naturally produced by women when they become pregnant. This is the hormone that helps the fetus grow and develop and directs nutrients and hormones to the growing fetus. Thus, this hormone is well recognized by the body, leaving little risk for any negative reactions when used for weight loss. 

The HCG protocol has evolved quite a bit over the years to include a wider variety of foods and to fit our modern lifestyle.  At SaJune, we have tweaked the traditional protocol to be one of the most effective protocols on the market for total metabolic reset. Our specialized maintenance program continues 6 weeks following the low-calorie phase and ensures weight is not regained and results are long-term. Coupled with our 5-point model system (which addresses hormones, nutrition, body, mind, and toxins), the SaJune HCG protocol has patients feeling better (and lighter!) than they have in their lives!

The HCG protocol is not without its share of criticism over the scientific mechanics of how HCG works, as well as its drastically low-calorie count (500-1000 calories per day). However, in my experience as a Health Coach working with the HCG program over the last 8 years, I have seen nothing but positive results and happy clients!  

But what does HCG do that is different from other low-calorie diets?

One of the top criticisms of the HCG program is that “anyone would lose weight eating 800 calories.” Of course, this is true. The difference comes down to body composition—or fat mass versus muscle mass. If we were to compare 2 patients, one on an 800-calorie diet alone and one on and 800 calorie diet and taking HCG, there would be a marked difference in the weight lost coming from muscle versus coming from fat. Patients who restrict calories too low, without the use of HCG, will undoubtedly lose a great deal of muscle to feed the body the calories it needs. This is not the case with the use of HCG.  HCG signals the body to use its own stored bodyfat for fuel instead of muscle. Upon our measurements of patients’ body composition before and after the HCG program, over 90% of the weight lost is body fat!

At SaJune, we have measured the before and after body composition of hundreds of patients in this program.  Remarkably, we see little to no muscle loss and if the patient continues with some weight training, they may even GAIN a few pounds of muscle! This is unheard of in any other protocol out there.  It is a scientific fact that the body typically requires a calorie surplus to create new muscle and a calorie deficit to cause fat loss—hence why fat loss and muscle gain cannot happen at the same time. HCG is the only protocol I have found to create this effect in my 15 years as a health coach. I believe that the hormone boosting effect if the HCG, coupled with the high protein content of the diet, allows for this to happen, and rapidly. Most patients lose 10-30 pounds in a 25-40-day period and keep the weight off if they follow the prescribed maintenance guidelines.

It goes beyond weight loss…

For those in dire need of rapid change when their health is greatly at risk, SaJune’s HCG protocol has been one of the fastest ways we have been able to normalize blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars, and ph balance. 

At SaJune, we have the benefit of testing your blood hormone levels to confirm when the best timing would be for you to start for optimal results. At times, it can be more beneficial to balance hormones and relieve stress first before embarking on such a regimented and low-calorie protocol.  We can help you determine this with a consultation.  My priority as a coach is always to do what is best for you to get the best results LONG-TERM, not just right now. This, I believe, is true healthcare. The HCG program is a great tool for those who have been struggling with a stubborn metabolism and are ready to correct it for good in a safe and effective way.

The coaching in this program is everything and a game-changer for those who have attempted this program on their own in the past. I’ve had countless clients tell me how helpful it is to have a friend on the phone every week helping guide you and troubleshoot when needed. The guidance through the long-term lifestyle change makes all the difference to the end results and restores your sense of well-being, health, and accomplishment.

If you are interested in discussing if the HCG program is a good fit for you, please schedule a consult with Bridgette Ruge Barlow, our certified Regenerative Health Coach.

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