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Not getting 8 hours of sleep at night?

Use our proven Restorative Sleep protocols to correct the causes!

Did you know that your genes, immune system and metabolism are repaired when you get deep, continuous sleep for 8 hours? All chronic diseases are possible when the body does not (and cannot) repair itself. So, disturbed sleep is the most important signal that something is out of balance. Our social belief is that it is normal to sleep for less than 8 hours and to wake up to urinate. However, this is not true, if you look at the long-living cultures or even your own sleep patterns when you were a child. Predisposing factors include: night time exposure to “blue-light” from computers and cell phones, excess water intake after 7pm, pets, children, restless partners, and the chronic stress response. Using effective mind-body techniques, sleep hygiene, and evidence-based supplements, sleep patterns can be restored to normal, allowing the body to start regenerating itself again. 

This consult aims to identify the underlying causes for your sleep disturbance, correct them, and empower you to restore your sleep to optimal using the 5-point Model System to :

- Help you implement effective protocols for a Restorative Sleep

- Provide advanced protocols for those who need it