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Is the scale not budging? We feel you, but have you tried….

Tried all the diets? Nothing working ? Or maybe you’ve made some progress but now your stuck ? What’s going on?

The metabolism of the human body is so incredibly complex and is SO MUCH MORE than how many calories you eat and how much your exercise! 

Read on for a few things that maybe you haven’t thought of! Let me know how they are working out! Email Bridgette with your questions and/or comments or for a consultation! bruge@sajune.com

Bridgette’s Top tips for optimizing your weight right now !

  • Aim to finish eating 4 hours before going to bed! Let your body focus on rest, not digestion. You’ll sleep better, leading to a healthier metabolism.
  • Hydrate ! Aim for 100 ounces of water each day! Your cells won’t function without the right fuel (nutrient dense food) but also proper hydration. Plus, water speeds your metabolism! (Use our “water recipe” to boost your body’s detoxification and energy level even more than plain water alone. Email me for the recipe! It tastes great too!)
  • Wait at least 12 hours between your last meal and your first meal the next day! (Work up to 14-16 hours). This is commonly referred to as “intermittent fasting” and has a host of benefits besides optimizing weight. Check out this article (link to blog article)
  • Aim to build a balanced plate at each meal. A meal should consist of 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% “smart carbs” (want to know what a “smart carb” is ? Email me!) Add a little fat too for satiety and nutrient absorption.
  • Focus on high quality protein (organic, grass fed, wild caught). Protein boosts metabolism 30% in the digestion process (much higher than carbs and fat which are around 5-10%) and is an essential part of building and maintaining muscle with age. Did you know that protein requirements are higher with age as the body begins to lose muscle mass at a faster rate ? Lower muscle means a slower metabolism and inevitably weight gain, even despite no major changes in diet or activity. Aim for .8- 1g of protein per pound of your desired weight. Both plant and animal protein will work but animal protein contains all the proper aminos acids for muscle mass and strength (are you a vegetarian? Email me for how to work around this and get all the amino acids you need to keep your muscles strong and prevent muscle loss). Looking for a great source for buying high quality, grass fed, organic and wild protein delivered to your door? I have a recommendation for that! Reach out !
  • Cut out snacking! Each time you eat, you spike insulin leading to insulin resistance. When cells are insulin resistant, they crave more carbs or sugar and the body puts on more fat! If you’re hungry for snacks, you’re likely not eating balanced meals or emotionally eating. Let’s strategize!
  • De-stress ! Stress leads to cortisol spikes which increases insulin resistance, even with a balanced diet. (Don’t feel stressed ? Let’s measure it and see! Contact me for tools and how you can measure control stress in just 5 minutes!)
  • Eat organic! Did you know the average person eating non-organic will consume 16 pounds of chemical pesticides each year ? Pesticides and GMO’s lead to cellular dysfunction, disease, and weight gain. Hormones in meats and dairy can confuse our body’s hormones making weight loss seem impossible. Think organic is too expensive ? I have a great source for inexpensive organic delivery to your door!
  • Sleep 8 hours per night. Aim to get into bed at least 1 hour before you want to fall asleep so your mind and body have time to wind down. Contact me if you’re having issues with sleep! This can be related to hormone imbalance or chronic stress response.
  • Exercise— but not too hard or too much ! Aim for moving your body more by parking far, taking stairs, sitting on an exercise ball or standing while working. Let’s evaluate your routine together and see if your exercise routine is actually helping or hurting your weight loss efforts.
  • Don’t rely on the scale!!!!! Are you weighing daily ? Did you know your can fluctuate 2-5 lbs per day just based on hormones and fluids alone ! Ever get on the scale to see the number is higher despite all your best efforts ? Feel defeated all day and then cheat because you feel like “it’s not working?” You’re not giving it a chance! Stay the course for 4-6 weeks before you decide if something is working or not. Get of your own way and get off the scale! One weigh-in per week tops ! Look to measuring your body composition instead— body fat, muscle mass and measurements. These are much more reliable means for tracking progress because we want to lose FAT not just weight, right?! I have a great inexpensive, at-home body composition scale that I use that tracks everything on an app on my phone! Email me for the link!


Hi friends ! If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, I wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about me ! I’ve been a practicing health coach for the last 10 years and hold degrees and certifications in holistic nutrition, exercise science, personal training, group exercise and behavior change. I’ve worked at SaJune for over 6 years now and have mastered the art of optimal wellness through Dr. Pati’s 5 point model system— balancing hormones, optimizing nutrition, mind/heart balance, body balance and detoxification. My passion is nutrition (and I LOVE to cook and create recipes!) and exercising smarter, not harder! I LOVE working with ALL people to achieve the health goals they desire. I’m a native Floridian, living in Winter Park with my husband Nick, our kitty, Leo, and a baby on the way ! When I’m not working with my patients and clients, I’m cooking, taking kickboxing classes, antique shopping, lounging in my pool, riding my bike, or planning our next adventure!  I love my work and connecting with so many people from so many walks of life. I think my patients would also consider me a friend— but a friend who holds them to their goals and pushes them to achieve and succeed ! I’m here for you to cheer you on every step of the way in your health journey !

Struggling with your weight loss goals ? Call us for a weight loss consultation with our Regenetive Health and Wellness coach, Bridgette Barlow. Or email her directly at bruge@sajune.com

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