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Have you noticed your energy dropping?

Use our proven Restorative Sleep Vibrant Energy protocols to correct the causes!

In both men and women, low sex drive can be a result of hormone imbalance or hormone deficiency.

What becomes evident is that to completely regain a satisfying sexual connection and also reverse degeneration in all areas, we need to address the basic underlying causes and reverse them. So of course, estrogen, thyroid and adrenal function are key players in addition to testosterone. These hormones are activated by specific nutrients like zinc, selenium, iodine and Vitamin D. In order to effectively balance hormones and reverse disease in our modern setting, which is not in the Blue-Zones, one must also holistically optimize detoxification, the mind and the body. This can be achieved through SaJune’s 5-point Model System, a framework for regeneration. In modern civilization, regeneration is effective through optimizing all 5 areas with a variety of effective approaches. Namely one must optimize 1) hormones, 2) nutrients, 3) detoxification, 4) mind and 5) body, all to >75th percentile.

Come and find specific solutions through our Regenerative protocols that has been proven to reverse >85% of sexual complaints in thousands of patients.