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Stress Management Program

Stress is universal and can impact us on many levels in a negative way. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is affected by the everyday stressors in your life. It is critical to manage your stress to live a healthy life.

The 5 session program with Gloria Rangelova ND will teach you new skills to reduce stress and have a happier, more relaxed and healthier life. 

We will partner with you through a step-by-step process of learning self-awareness and simple, effective stress relief techniques. These new habits will empower you with a positive mindset and confidence that you will be able to easily defeat and gain control over mental, emotional and physical stress in the future.

The 5-Sessions will cover

• How to simply life
• Stress Awareness
• Stress Resilience
• Heartmath and other mindfulness techniques
• Creating healthy habits
• Sleep hygiene
• All natural stress relievers